Frequently Asked Questions


Below are answers to common questions we receive from parents or referral sources. If you have additional questions not listed here, please contact us at 773-265-3720.

What happens when my child arrives at Garfield Park Behavioral Hospital?

Your child will have a comprehensive assessment with one of our counselors. As a parent and guardian any information you may have will also be part of the assessment. Here are some things our counselors will discuss with you and your child:

  • Evaluation of presenting problem
  • Mental health and substance abuse history
  • Current mental status examination
  • Safety assessment
  • Level of care determination
  • Plan of action, including referrals, for ongoing support

You will also be asked to complete some paperwork. If hospitalization is indicated, counselors will guide you through the entire process. If outpatient care is more appropriate, counselors will provide you with names and contact information for agencies that can provide such care.

How long will my child stay at Garfield Park Behavioral Hospital?

Inpatient Unit – Garfield Park Behavioral Hospital’s goal is help children return home as soon as they can safely do so. Every child’s inpatient stay is unique to their situation and needs, so the treatment team will work closely with the patient and family to determine an appropriate length of stay.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) – The PHP treatment team understands the importance of your child being in school. The goal is to return children to their regular school setting as soon as they are safe to do so. The duration of their participation is decided by the treatment team and the patient and family.

Will my child have school during their stay?

Yes, every patient in both the inpatient and PHP program receives 5 hours of school each week. This hour counts as a half-day of attendance credit at your child’s school. Our accredited teacher, with your consent, will inform the school of your child’s participation in our education program.

When can I speak to the doctor?

Our medical team values family involvement in treatment. You will have the opportunity to speak with our physicians during your child’s staffing which occurs within the first three days following admission. Should you have questions, concerns or comments prior to or following this initial meeting, please call Garfield Park Behavioral Hospital 773-265-3700, and ask for the physician by name. The receptionist will connect you with the physician’s office, where you may leave a message and request a return call.

When can I visit my child?

Family involvement is important to us, and we encourage regular visitation. For specific days and times, please call 773-265-3700 for unit-specific information.

What insurance do you take?

Currently, Garfield Park Behavioral Hospital is in network with the following:

  • Medicaid
  • Family Health Network (FHN)
  • Harmony

If your insurance company is not listed here, please reach out to our Business Office, 773-265-4332, and we would happy to check with your insurance company to determine eligibility.

What items from home can I bring for my child?

We want your child to feel as comfortable as possible during their stay at Garfield Park Behavioral Hospital, while still maintaining a safe environment. The following items may be brought from home:

  • Pillow
  • Blanket
  • Small stuffed animal
  • Pajamas
  • Under garments
  • Comfortable clothing

In order to keep our units safe we ask that the following items remain at home:

  • Clothing with drawstrings (i.e. hooded sweatshirts, sweat pants and jackets)
  • Electronics (cell phones, MP3 players, tablets, laptops, video games)
  • Valuables (jewelry, expensive shoes or clothing, purses or backpacks, money, items that might get lost or broken)
  • Razors, Make-up, nail polish, perfume, products containing alcohol
  • Sharp objects, metal objects, tweezers, files or clippers

We will provide hygiene supplies (toothbrush, shampoo/conditioner, soap etc.) for your child. If your child brings something that the treatment team believes is not safe for the unit, they will contact you and ask that you take it home.