We understand that coming to us for communicate1help is not easy. We understand that patients come to us with experiences we cannot even imagine. These positive comments give others hope and give our staff the motivation and strength to keep doing what they do.

“Overall, my stay was good and I was very glad that I was getting help because I need it.” -Inpatient Adolescent Female


“I felt save here and know how to control my anger.” -Inpatient Child


“My stay was very nice because the staff made me feel welcome.” -Inpatient Adolescent Female


“I am very glad I came here. If I had to do it all over again I will.” -Inpatient Child


“Everybody helped me through my treatment.”  -Inpatient Adolescent Male


“It was awesome sauce.” -Inpatient Adolescent Female


“I feel it was good with the help that I got and helped me understand a lot of things better.” -Inpatient Adolescent Female