What to Expect

The Assessment and Referral team understands that your time is valuable. To help us best serve you in a timely manner please bring with the following items to your assessment:

  • Current insurance information
  • Documentation from the school, service providers, or any other assessment that relate to the   concerns you have about your child.
  • Any medications your child is currently or has recently been taking.
  • Contact information for your child’s primary care physician or any other clinician that is providing services to your child.

Every child and situation is unique, making every assessment unique. On average, an assessment can take anywhere from 1 – 2 hours depending on the concerns being addressed. Your input in your child’s assessment is a critical piece of the process; please make arrangements so that you can be present for the entire evaluation.

An Assessment and Referral Specialist will greet you upon your arrival and ask that you complete some preliminary paperwork.  Once completed, you and your child will meet together with the clinician, you may be asked to meet separately as well. After the assessment has been completed, the Assessment and Referral staff consults with you and then the psychiatrist and makes a recommendation for the appropriate level of care – outpatient, partial hospitalization or inpatient.