Did you think Cubs’ Jake Arrieta was the only Chicago All Star with the ‘Play of the Day?’

Sure, pitcher Jake Arrieta threw an epic ‘no-hitter’ this past Sunday, but you probably didn’t realize Garfield Park Behavioral Hospital is also home to some amazing all-stars!

Our peer-nominated ‘Play of the Day Awards’ go to GPBH’s finest – people who go above and beyond their roles and responsibilities because they know it’s best for our number one priority – our patients.

Check out our Summer All-Star Nominees:

Laura C. – Ms. Laura was working and running the unit and I know she needed a break, but Ms. Laura stopped what she was doing to make sure I was able to get a phone call and came to assist me.
Sandra C. – Sandra saw a patient having a hard day and become very active in the milieu.  Sandra took the patient to the gym and played with him therapeutically all shift!
Elmer D. – Elmer was supportive of staff intervention and engaged a patient during crisis, helping to deescalate the patient, and get him calmly to return to his room.
Brett D. – Always using CPI as a last resort!  He has a rapport with all patients, not just those on his unit, that calms them and helps them think twice about escalating
Philippe G. – 2 nominations- 1) He is bright, positive staff. He goes above and beyond to make staff, patients, and visitors feel welcome.  He is very dependable and takes pride in his work.  He even brings in flowers and arranges them at work to make our reception desk beautiful.  2) Philippe has fantastic customer service with our clients and families at the front desk.  He leaves a great impression at GPH.
Katare H. – Katare was very patient and combed a little girls hair that had not been brushed for a long time.  She diligently undid all the tangles.  It’s nice to see employees go that extra mile to show patients they truly care about them.
Eldred J. – Eldred was alone off unit and recognized that a patient was escalating.  Eldred was able to get the patient safely back to the unit before a tantrum.
Quincy J. – Quincy worked with a patient taking the time to talk with him and understand the strained relationship the patient had with his mother.  After Quincy’s talks and promptings, the patient was able to be cooperative with his mom in a family session and start planning for a safe return home.  Quincy ensured the patient understood his own feelings and encouraged him to write a letter to help convey those feelings to his mother.  Quincy went above and beyond to help the patient improve his relationship with his mother.
Art K. – It was suggested that the peds unit schedule and safety glass be taken down and rehung on the 3 south unit.  Within 15 minutes he was on the unit and the job was done.  Awesome job!
Michelle L. – Completed all the EKGs and medication teaching with the patients.
Lenora R. – I nominated Ms. Lenora because she is fair.  She is always available to assist and easy to talk to and understand.  Ms. Lenora stays consistent.  She doesn’t judge anyone and she truly loves her job.  She does not complain ever.  She is a go to person when you don’t know something, don’t understand, or just need help.
Jelani L. – Mr. Jelani has been a good role model to learn my job.  He makes me feel motivated to learn my job and to come to work walking away with a new lesson.  Mr. Jelani is fair and doesn’t use his title to keep him from being a team player with his MHSs.  Mr. Jelanie is fun, exciting, enthusiastic, and makes the job interesting and worth learning.  Mr. Jelanie  plays close attention to us and will pull us to the side to give us positive feel back.  I wouldn’t trade my PS for anything!
Amanda M. – Amanda was an excellent team player today during the acuity on each side of the unit.  Amanda assisted me both with the peds patients and the adolescent girls.  She was able to deescalate patients and assist with the peds programming.
Treonda S. – For helping out a nurse with two admissions by filling out paperwork that was not even hers.  Treonda also showed great teamwork skills this shift, verbally de-escalating a patient right before he was getting anxious enough to have to go to the quiet room
Pam T. – She works well with the staff; very hands on and is willing to help with any and every situation on the unit.