Partial Hospitalization

Garfield Park Behavioral Hospital’s Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is PARTIAL HOSPITALIZATION PROGRAMprovided Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. for school-aged children. This program is designed for children who could benefit from intensive therapeutic mental health services but are not in need of 24-hour monitoring.

PHP focuses on strengthening a child’s coping skills and helping them to develop strategies for successfully navigating their day. All PHP participants will receive:

  • Group psychotherapy
  • Fully accredited educational programming and coordination with schools
  • Expressive and activity therapies
  • Social work services including coordination of care and discharge planning
  • Medication evaluation and management
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Family and individual psychotherapy offered on an as needed basis

School Transition Program

The School Transition Program (STP) is a unique program designed to address medication management and or process changes to patients who currently identify school as a stressful factor in their lives. The program is a track within the Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). It requires the collaboration of the treatment team at Garfield Park Hospital and school personnel for patients to be able to make a smooth successful transition back to school after receiving psychiatric or behavioral health services in inpatient or PHP.

Participants for the STP will be identified during staffings and roundings by the inpatient treatment team. The social worker will be responsible for educating the families and school contacts on the program. The patient will always start by attending the partial program first and based on their progress and physician’s recommendations, will determine which days the patient will attend PHP or School. The program is designed to be short in duration (1-2 weeks), with everyone’s support it will provide patients a strong therapeutic connection which will lead to improved academic, social and psychological outcomes. It will also decrease recidivism by providing patients and their families the support they require within the school system, while the patient is being monitored by a board certified child adolescent Psychiatrist/APN.

While enrolled in the program patients will have a team of professionals working with them. They will:

  • Be closely monitored by a board certified child adolescent Psychiatrist/APN.
  • Have an assigned therapist to provide them with individual and group therapy to address any issues or situation they are struggling with.
  • Participate in family sessions to help families understand their role in helping the patient be successful in school.
  • Have access to a School Liaison to provide families and the patient support and education with the bureaucratic barriers in receiving needed services (IEP & Therapeutic School).

For admission into Garfield Park Behavioral Hospital’s Partial Hospitalization Program, please contact us.GPBH PHP Program